Day 371: 2-D Foodie?! How Rude-y

Big Boy Blog March 2 2019.jpg

Saturday, March 2, 2019

One year after the Boy blew down and broke his crown (the chill of that numbing disaster), he has been replaced with an even less aerodynamic likeness. Last we saw of him, the Boy had a crooked hand and he wore a crooked smile. We questioned the cooks and wait staff about the broken child. They have been sworn to secrecy. But Burger King's sources (some of them men) said "they" couldn't put the plump laddie together again. So we interviewed some local patrons for any information regarding Big Boy's retirement and his underwhelming replacement. One such patron, going only by the name Mary, said, "I'll never eat there again!" (she was quite contrary). Pat A. Kake, of the local bakery, suggested they just replace the Boy with a large 'B'. But the most chilling of all was an inscription found on the bottom of a Big Boy coffee mug. Ashley Puckit reported finding this, believing the partly worn message was somehow meant for her. But there is one line of the Crayola composition that remains unbroken, a bad omen for our Biggest Boy:
"We all fall down"

Day 186 : Lions and Tigers and Boys, Oh My!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

One never knows when one might cross paths with one of the Bigs. But should you travel to the wonderful world of Ford, and find yourself surrounded by beings practically throwing food in your face, keep an eye out for this frozen visage. No amount of oil found in the Motor City will loose this Boy. I don't know if I have the heart to tell him of the fate of his northern brother. It's a twister.

"I don't think we're in Kasky anymore."

Day 152: South Bound and Down


Friday July 27, 2018

A ground-level Big Boy was spotted in the historic city of Carlisle, PA. Word of his high-flying brethren's demise must have led him to throw caution to the wind and keep his feet on the ground in a season of flash floods. A dusty lone drifter was heard to have said:

"Keep yer ground brown,   

An' keep yer round down. 

When the bacon is makin' 

And rain's fillin' the lake in

It's time to get outta town." 


Day 63: Trout Festival Charade


Saturday, April 28 2018

A Big Boy representative made an appearance at the 82nd National Trout Festival Parade in downtown Kalkaska. Despite this show of good faith, the representative was unwilling to face the camera, as well as the music, when approached on the matter of Big Boy's supposed fall from grace. The waiting game continues. In the meantime, I did receive a coupon for a free hot fudge ice cream on my birthday when I join their email list.