Movies I Masticate To - Ep 001: Twinkie Wiener Sandwich

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Movies I Masticate To!
In which your host David Johnson takes you through the process of enjoying that most nerdy of nourishments: The Twinkie Wiener Sandwich - popularized by the great French Art film UHF!(Probably one time) guest host Jonathan louses things up.

UHF 62nd | HostessOscar MayerKraft | Wienermobile


The Movie Made Me Chew It - Ep 001: Twinkie Wiener Sandwich

Introducing a show by no other name, The Movie Made Me Chew It!
In this first episode, Jonathan Carlisle takes you down memory lane to a time you couldn't possibly remember. Listen as Jonathan chronicles when the Big 3 were brought together to create the unforgettable snack, the Twinkie Wiener Sandwich. Hostess (U), Oscar Mayer (H), and Kraft/Nabisco (F) were all present on that fateful day in 1989 when...well, I guess you'll just have to listen. To David. You'll have to listen to David, as well. Sorry.

UHF 62nd | Hostess | Oscar Mayer | Kraft | Wienermobile


A Very Teaser Ultra

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It's here, it's here! You've heard all about it and you've finally found it! Okay, so maybe you haven't heard about it. And maybe we made you listen. But if you agree to listen to just this episode, we'll agree not to bring it up again. Especially not 95 more times. Or any other time we are near a microphone. Or on Twitter. Or Facebook. Especially not in our Facebook group. And you should probably add us to your spam alerts.

Signed, Your Hosts: David Johnson & Jonathan Carlisle